Welcome to the first episode of the brand new All About The Metaverse podcast, presented by your co-hosts Chris Bruno and Alexis Nicosia.

What a few weeks we’ve had in the Metaverse world. So much happening, and so much to dig into. Let’s not waste any time.

In today’s episode we’re covering three stories in particular: 

  • Otherside’s Second Trip happened very recently 
  • Decentraland hosted the second annual Metaverse Fashion Week 
  • and Fortnite released their Unreal Editor to their community 

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Alexis 0:01
blockchain Metaverse AI, all these points are going to converge. They’re going to come and help society tremendously. And those should be technology that enhance our daily lives.

Chris Bruno 0:12
Welcome to all about the metaverse podcast, the show that keeps you up to date with the latest technology, trends, and news about our future digital world. Hello, everybody, and welcome to the very first episode of the all about the metaverse podcast. And we’re really excited about this. I’m Chris Bruno, I am your co host, and today I am joined by my co host, Alexis Alexis Jonna. Say hello to everyone.

Alexis 0:34
Everybody. Nice. Nice to be here. And nice to be with you, Chris. We already had the chance to do something together. So this is obviously very exciting. And it’s been a couple of weeks that we’re discussing what we wanted to do where we want to bring this podcast. So of course, this is the very first episode. So there’s going to be quite a lot to cover. We’re not going to cover everything today. But a couple of interesting things have happened in the last two weeks, I would say. So. I think it’s a good time for us to start that podcast and discuss those topics. Chris, maybe you want to give us a bit of a heads up of what’s gonna be on topic today. Yeah, absolutely.

Chris Bruno 1:11
So obviously, I think there’s probably three big things that have happened in the last two weeks. And for me, it’s the other side, they took their second trip, which was a huge thing. A lot of a lot of movement around that on Twitter, for example. But we also had Metaverse Fashion Week. So that’s the second year now that they’ve done that. And again, I think it’s one of the key moments. Metaverse wise that’s actually recurring now, so we have to pay attention to that. And then the final thing I think we’ll discuss today will be fortnight’s announcement. And I’m gonna I’ve got to say this. I think fortnight’s recent announcement is absolutely huge. Yeah, it’s going to be something that we’re going to have to look into. But again, so what are your thoughts about the other side’s second trip? Have you had a chance to see any of their footage and stuff from that? Yeah,

Alexis 1:56
so I saw it was a little bit of a cacophony was was quite interesting. And everybody was seem to be so happy to be a busy body jumping through portals and like, avoiding the alien toads and stuff like that. But the takeaway from this is that you see that finally, you have a community that’s so happy to be involved and doing stuff. And, and I think also, the graphic was, were quite nice. I mean, it’s not that, you know, Playstation or, or, you know, big, big gaming companies. So AAA games sort of graphics, but it was nice, because I would have liked to be part of it just for the sake of saying, Hey, I was there. But wherever, whoever took the footage, kudos for that. I think they’re going places at least. Okay, it was nice to see so many people participate at the same time. Now, let’s see if they managed to get that momentum. This is a good name is a good brand. Okay, they have a lot of followers. So I wish them kind of success if they continue doing stuff like that, um, I actually consider, you know, being part of that. Because definitely, he felt good to, even as a watcher, even as our own luchar was, he felt good to look at all these people. You know, I go like, yeah, we’re part of something. And something was going on was nice.

Chris Bruno 3:14
There was a huge amount of positive energy around that event. And you’re right, it’s not, we are so far away still from the metaverse as has been pictured, whether it be the novel Snow Crash, whether it be the film Ready Player One, like it doesn’t matter, we are so far away from that, you know, you can go in and do everything you want, in anything you want. And those initial experiences do need to be very specific, it needs to be look, you can come in here and do X, whatever X may be. And even though x isn’t great, like you said, it’s that first step and seeing that energy, I think is incredible. I also think it was a huge thing. So I I’ve actually done a bit of work and looked into this, but the company behind it are building some technology stacks that are very, very interesting. Because basically what they’re allowing is the first time that you can put 456 7000 people and connections in the same portal. And this is something that usually doesn’t happen, right? When you look at. It’s huge. It’s huge. Like if you think about a game like fortnight, it’s 100 people Battle Royale, whatever it might be, but you’re never taking on board 1000s of people. So I think that there’s a, like the progression graph will be incredible as to how they can actually scale that and keep scaling. But I think right now it’s one of the only people that are trying to find that next step of how do you bring 1000 10,000 100,000 people into one location? Yeah, and I think that’s huge.

Alexis 4:36
1000 words a month, a comedian, what’s done is gonna be a lot of people.

Chris Bruno 4:40
Absolutely. But how do you get those people interacting together? Well,

Alexis 4:43
you know, something that was fairly dressed as a comparison, you think about this, like, how was it the experience of the of web one, I mean, the internet when we really started today, so we would have been this was this is where they are at, right? I mean, the metaverse today is at the stage of disease. Add a verse point, zero 0.1. So we don’t even like better verse 1.0 is 0.1. So I think I think what he’s done was very cool. Watch this space, I would say they’re doing quite well, they are very well funded as well. So he would be quite a disappointment if they were to do some, you know, very boring stuff moving forward. So definitely to, to look forward the next trip. And there’s going to be a lot of new features and new adds on. Let’s see, let’s see, I’m definitely going to be a struggle my seat and looking what we should be doing. I

Chris Bruno 5:35
couldn’t agree with you more.

Alexis 5:37
Yeah, on that very note, what seems to be quite interesting is like, while we see so many big brands, sort of, you know, giving up on their Metaverse ambitions. You have the guys that really fervent believers that this is going to places and and you have a public which is which also you also wants it right. So they do want this. And I think whoever takes the first steps, those are the ones are going to be reaping the rewards. And I think it’s such a pity that all these big brands, they just sort of dropped the whole Metaverse tutor drain.

Chris Bruno 6:14
Well, there was a very quick shifts in the last sort of six months, nine months, I’d say there was a real focus and a real investment frenzy in Metaverse, companies, right? Anyone that said that we were building a Metaverse, there was just money coming into them. And people were very excited. That shifted very quickly. And I think the AI route took over. And suddenly with chat, GBT coming out, etc. Any startup that said, we’re building something with AI, they got the money thrown at them. And I think even that’s now kind of getting reiterated on again. So once, as always, I guess the money flows where the hype is to a certain extent. But I do think this is a huge thing. Like you said, we’re super early stages. There’s loads of companies that have literally just gone well, you know what this doesn’t look like it’s going to take off anytime soon. And I think that’s probably annoyed by things like meta, having spent billions but actually, no one’s sitting there working in VR all day every day, are they? So I think this is going to be one of those things where we’re going to have to wait and see how it goes. I do agree with you. Neither away No, absolutely not. And we like this stuff.

Alexis 7:13
So things something I do wonder, though, do you recommend that word of Metaverse as being used in abuse and now falling out of grace and love because of that, you know, I mean, meta, it’s dumping the metaverse. I mean, are we going to use the word metaverse? And are there better? Better definition? There are words that can come and replace that. That domek culture. Okay, I think the metaverse

Chris Bruno 7:41
became this really cool keyword phrase term. And I think everyone jumped on that bandwagon. The reality is we are so far away from having technology, even the infrastructure, right, like our internet connections, I’m still waiting to have access to fibre broadband, I still don’t have it, like they have to come and rip up my street to give me so we’re just we’re not there yet to this idea of having hundreds of millions of people all living in this virtual world, etc. But it’s clearly to me anyway, it’s clearly obvious that there is a demand for this. And the reason I say that is if you look at gaming communities, people that are together, if you look at the economies that have been created around things like Roblox, again, we’re going to talk a little bit now, later on about fortnight, all of these different platforms have created huge amassed groups of people. And I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s a subclass, or it’s a smaller group of people, because they’re just the gamers. I think, as that technology, and as those that access to that technology becomes easier. People will do more like watching live concerts where they will go into VR, if it means that they can do something that they’re interested in. I just think we’re not there yet. Right. So it might take a while for there to be a fishing environment as well as a knitting environment as well as a fashion environment as well as a gaming environment as well as a Call of Duty kill each other with guns whilst running around like crazy people environment, you need all of these different environments to bring all of these groups, but we’re just so far away from that, I think right now, and whether people like to admit it as well, gaming technology also cost money. Not everybody has 550 quid to spend on a PlayStation five. Not everybody has another 70 pounds or whatever it is to buy yet another game for their new console that they’ve just bought. So all of these things also have a knock on effect, but I think it takes a long time before everybody is accessing everything everywhere. Like it’s just it’s a long way down the line.

Alexis 9:37
There’s a very good point that you’re making is actually that might actually be the one thing that will make people come into the metaverse because it will become more affordable. Going into the metaverse and to participate into you know, like a, like a altered reality sort of gamey sort of world without the heavy cost attached to it.

Chris Bruno 9:58
100% Never forget, right when you talked about it earlier joining the internet or going back to the early days of the internet, the internet cost of flipping fortune, like you had a dial up modem that not only blocked your mobile, your phone number, we don’t

Alexis 10:13
have a computer. The lucky ones that are computer. Now we were what was the mobile phone? Right? I mean, I mean, literally everybody has a mobile phone. But

Chris Bruno 10:24
think back to the days when you had that computer and you had that modem, you also paid for access to the internet per minute. It was literally like a phone call being created. So you were just generating these costs nowadays, you know, we have mobile phones that come with unlimited minutes, unlimited data, unlimited text, unlimited, like none of that existed. So all of these things again, like that technology, the access to technology and the cost of that technology as it comes down. Right now, nobody wants to spend 1000 bucks on a VR headset, unless they’re a gamer who loves VR, and that’s okay. But again, the same thing happened all those years ago, we’re gonna come

Alexis 11:01
to that where as the hardware is gonna become more and more affordable, more and more, you know, friendly to wear and use, because of course right now, I mean, it’s it’s unbelievably bulky. And as you say, not everybody wants to be spending hours into, you know, VR headsets. Okay, so Well, now, I don’t know how the decentraland Fashion Week took place on the set, because I didn’t I didn’t Well, I don’t have one. But I’m sure that would have been quite swanky. I mean, like, like that would feel very immersed, right? Being that Fashion Week. I mean, I’ve been I’ve been to a fashion week before you know, in in in Paris, where, you know, you are really into that incredible world where you arrive at that fashion show, you have that runway, the decoration is so amazing. You feel like you are so immersed into something very unique, very special. Now, how is this fashion week without the VR said how did the experience feel through you know, having just like a, like a computer screen? would have been fun? Not fun? I don’t know. I think I think from that particular case, I would have rather have you don’t like that via said and feel like whoa, I’m so immersed. I’m so into it.

Chris Bruno 12:12
I think that’s one of the big challenges right nowadays. And it still is so Metaverse Fashion Week, this is the second year they’ve done it all took place at the end of March 2023. Look at they’re trying their best to make this. And I think it is the only event as far as I’m aware that brings such big names together. It’s now happening on a yearly basis. And it looks like people are continuing to turn up for this. But again, decentraland is browser based for the majority of the users or the people that are there, like you say it’s not necessarily that immersive kind of content. But again, I’m trying to look at this as being a positive still for the space. Because look, we’re so early, like you said, and even if you they gave you the option to access in VR, you don’t have the the equipment necessarily to be able to actually do it. And I think this is something that’s really interesting. So one of the CO hosts this year wasn’t just decentraland, there were events in other platforms with spatial and spatial, for example, do allow people with, for example, an Oculus to an Oculus two, which will cost you about 300 bucks, roughly, I think. And if you’ve got an Oculus, two, you can actually access spatial environments that have been built. And you can access those through VR. And that’s a huge piece, right? It’s already like that first kind of step towards it. But the key thing I think here, there’s always going to be an issue at this stage. You’re not able to just walk around different environments, you’ve got to pick and choose where you’re going, you need to log into that platform, you need to get authenticated for that platform. If you then want to go into VR, but jump out of decentraland and then go over to specialty

Alexis 13:48
as seamless. Yeah, there’s still a CMS. That’s right. But that’s coming as well. Did you enter you did you did you attended Did you? Did you look at it.

Chris Bruno 13:54
I went to a cup not whilst it was happening. I’m not gonna lie. It’s something that I’m less probably less interested in fashion night for me. And I think very similar for you. Black t shirt is fashionable. So I don’t necessarily

Alexis 14:08
know this is become trend. No longer that two days ago, we were sitting with my wife, just having like a nice fresh coconut. And all of a sudden, like these guys wear a black T shirt. These guys wear a black T shirt. Now everybody’s like the word black T shirt. I’m like, Okay, I need to I need to get you’re wearing a black T shirt. I need to get I need to get on another fashion sense here. And actually this is this is what I’m thinking. This is what I’m thinking without. You know, whilst brands should be saying hey, stop spending money every season to buy our new fashion. They are they’re banking on okay, we’re all wearing black T shirts or white t shirts and then with our you know, augmented reality glasses or goggles, you know we can we can over impose fashion you know for the other day Ball. I think this is what they’re banking on. Right? So I think all the money that is being poured into decentraland and having discipline Oh, Fashion Week is to try out that tech where you know, these NF T’s will be your wearables where you know, with my goggles, I will be able to change your T shirt i Okay, wonderful Hawaiian shirt in motion. So we’re having like actual waves inside, right? I mean, this is, this is what is. And I don’t see this as being a bad thing. Because of course, we always want to tell the fashion companies, hey, you know what? You’re really pushing in the time where I should be all ESG. And you know what, like, you know, nature conscious, why are you pushing people to spend more money on fashion that becomes unfashionable. Now, we could all very well do just like black T shirt, white t shirt, you know, just change your fashion. And I think that’s maybe the experiment that’s, that’s being played here. Really? What is one of the play?

Chris Bruno 15:59
I mean, the reality of it is none of us know where this plays out, right? If the metaverse becomes this thing that everyone is spending all day, every day, and if you’re working in there, and if you’re playing in there, and if you’re meeting your friends in there, whatever it might be, that digital wearables change a lot, right? And you’ve said it there as well. If you then go into sort of AR and things like that, can you influence how other people see you one thing another, maybe that’d be a great way of this happening as well. I think all of this, though, brings us back to the key point here, which is again, as long as we have companies that are willing to invest the money and to do things differently. And again, I’m not saying that we’re all going to, you know, live in nor Gucci T shirts instead of a normal t shirt or anything like that, in this decentralised and digital world. But the idea being that at least they’re trying to play with the technology that is available. They’re showing what is possible. And you can see it more and more with fortnight collaborations Roblox collaborations, companies, big brands doing things in digital worlds, because believe it or not, whether people like it or not, it doesn’t matter. And again, if you’re one of those people that doesn’t game, you automatically look at gamers and think, right as a tiny subset. And one thing that you’re talking about hundreds of millions of people, hundreds of millions of people basically that are happy to jump on is where they meet their friends, it’s where they socialise is where they want to escape from reality. And that’s a huge part of what this actually is. And I think that’s something that’s going to keep growing. It’s something that more and more people are getting into the next generations, it’s natural for them. And I think those kinds of connections to your brands that you like, to being able to show who you are, who your personality is, if I’m interested in fashion, I want to show that and you’ve got to be able to show that right that personalised. This is who I am.

Alexis 17:43
Well, you know, what, what, what I like and what I hope as well, it starts all the stick will finally come in handy as an enhancer of our daily lives. Like Like literally this should be an answer is of course it’s going to be abused. Yes, of course. It’s going to be people that will be I mean, did you see this guy that he strapped on his is VR goggle and he’s living breathing in the metaverse and you see that this guy, this guy’s this really, really plugged into the matrix. And he hasn’t, I mean, the guy is going to the pooper with his VR glasses on some people go to two extremes. But again, this is I don’t think that technology is made for that, right? It’s made just to to enhance our daily lives. And since the since now, we’re going to have that incredible advent of singularity where AI is going to really, you know, come to think again, it’s good to have a you know, like blockchain, Metaverse, you know, AI, all these points are going to converge, they’re going to come and help society tremendously. And those should be technology that enhance our daily lives, really, and I shall really hope that you know, whether it’s like AR VR or mixed realities, yeah, this is this is you know, to to, for us to have, you know, more enjoyable, more enjoyable life. It’s my fault. I don’t like the colour of my walls here. I would like to change it doesn’t

Unknown Speaker 18:59
change. Now.

Chris Bruno 19:04
It’d be a lot quicker, cheaper, easier. It was the

Alexis 19:06
scene in that movie. From the virtual ski sisters. Now the name escapes Cloud Atlas, right so a cloud that has I don’t know if you watch a movie but basically this guy goes into Korea 2200 or something and then when he enters his apartment, he changes dramatically all the decoration on his flat and I think that the flood itself is is big and shitty, but when he puts on that, that little that that digital skin over it, so clearly that like minimalist Japanese superset super cool we’re gonna get there wanting to not we’re gonna get there. This is if he’s if it’s been imagine it means that we can project ourselves into doing stuff like that. Okay, so no doubt that we’re going to you know, try it first on our clothes and then eventually on our on our boats. So, so yeah, With effort on on the central to, you know, continuing, burning the flame of creativity and interest and rallying some brands, you know, even though it says for profit or whatever, it doesn’t matter, you know, he gets the attention, even on a very artistic way I like it. And I would like them to continue pursuing this because as they’re doing that they are equally creating interest in jobs because there are people behind it. Okay. There are industries that are being created on the side of it. Right. And this is this the truth? You know, new technologies are taking away old jobs, we’re creating new better ones. Right. New opportunities. Yes, I tried to try. So I mean, I’m all for it. I think, I think next year, I might, again, I might be late in the game, I might be late in the in the other side game, I will be late on the on the on the Fashion Week game, but never too late. At least I’m doing a podcast. It’s

Chris Bruno 20:55
still early, it’s still early. Remember Alexus. Everyone says it’s still early? Well, it’s talking about that and talking about these new opportunities in particular, I think that probably brings us on to the third topic that we wanted to discuss, which is fortnight’s huge announcement, that they have opened up their Unreal Engine to their community. And they have said community, go nuts, build whatever you want, create new experiences for other players. And best of all, if other people start paying you for that, also paying us for that we’ll share 40% of those revenues with the creators of the experiences. And to me this is, look, it’s not decentralisation by any means. However, it’s an amazing first step. And yeah, people are going to probably scream at us in the comments. If anyone’s watched and listen to this piece all the way through, they’re going to basically say you have a 40% of revenues, that means they keep 60% of revenue doesn’t matter. They currently keep 100% of revenues, it’s all their community. This is huge. So what are your thoughts on this?

Alexis 21:55
When you think about rewarding the content creators, this is something that is now a staple of the digital digital presence, let’s say Okay, so you are a content creator, you should be rewarded for your work. Okay. And I think when such a big company is doing it, they have a bunch of I mean, that hundreds of millions of followers on

Speaker 3 22:20
let’s not forget that will

Alexis 22:24
that will generate huge numbers. And I believe that basically, they’ve become better than what YouTube will ever be. Because tomorrow that becomes the you the the YouTube of the metaverse, right. And my, my thoughts, that’s, well, I’ve got to be mixed feeling about this. Because then you you need to regulate this in terms of our content, the days and who you address it to, you know, the dots. I’m sure there’s some, you know, technicalities that will come into the fall that I am actually no specialists on how you implement those. But to me, as long as you can keep people safe and protected from you know, child pornography, and you know, bullying, cyber bullying, and whatnot. I’m all for it. Man. Listen, people become millionaire having content on YouTube. Okay, now people can become millionaire below building content or meta versus Let’s go. Let’s go lead imagination.

Chris Bruno 23:26
You just said it there as well. You’re saying about becoming like a millionaire on YouTube. I think it’s actually Mr. Beast, who’s now become a billionaire, because of the Empire he’s built from YouTube. And again, just to go back to the numbers, by the way, so fortnight I’m just looking at some average monthly numbers for q4 Last year, because those are the ones that have come up quickly. You’re looking at about 250 million monthly players. 250 million people. This is the this is an economy, right? It’s not just a small game or anything else. So to give you an idea, if we look at this in perspective, it’s about what just under four times the population of the UK? Yeah. Right. So like when you start thinking about that in terms of numbers, people everything else and yeah, fine. They’re not living in it all day, every day. But this is a huge platform, a huge community. And it’s a community by the way, that love it. Right? They it’s not people that come in what there are people obviously that come in, try it don’t like it and leave but the community of players that are actually there, and what they can then build is going to be just most people don’t realise this, when you create something like this and you give people the power, no one takes into consideration where this might go, they think it’s going to go one way and in reality, what happens 99% of the time,

Alexis 24:41
it goes completely a different direction. When we realise this, we know this. Now we know because before we always want to, you know to control the masses and making sure that you know, they are being so regulated or now they’re giving a platform where they go okay, go just let it run wild. It’s just they you know, they are Then the the flood down, it’s go,

Chris Bruno 25:02
Yeah, 100%. But nobody knows where this might go next, which is what makes it more and more interesting, right? So very much like back in 2007, we got presented with an iPhone. They said there was an app store. And if you remember the first ever apps you could download, they were awful. They were terrible. And then you suddenly give people the tools and you go, right? Well, you can build anything you want. And people come up with the idea. Well, how about if we all share our houses and actually rent out the spare room? And you got Airbnb? And then well, how about if the taxi was easier, and you could press around and a taxi appeared and you ended up with Uber? These killer apps and stuff and I think that’s what’s gonna happen with this game. fortnight has been one thing for many years. Today, what today now it can become anything, it could turn into a story playing game, it could turn into a role playing game, it could turn into interactive experiences, it can turn into everything they’ve already done concerts, they’ve already done, runs in it, like charity runs. If you go in and you run a certain number of miles, they’ll donate X amount to a charity, again, getting people involved in very different ways than what the original game was meant to be. And I think that’s what makes this interesting for me, fortnight right now, like Roblox have built basically a perfect foundation to allow people to go and express themselves. And that, to me is where we’re still missing those numbers in the metaverse and for me, I still consider something like fortnight as being an example of a Metaverse platform

Alexis 26:24
it is it is what I would like to see. It’s something more educational, like, you know, like a fortnight Academy, something where where you could, you know, blend education and entertainment, where it all becomes sort of one we as as we know, people are more inclined to learn, you know, better when they have fun. A when they learn. Yeah, so imagine going to a class, let’s say, in the UK, you arrive there, and like, It’s seven o’clock, 730 o’clock in the morning, it’s still dark outside, it’s called, then everything is green, but then you have to stare at that Blackboard and like, damn, like, who wants to look and like that,

Chris Bruno 27:06
that basically sounds like my child, my child

Alexis 27:09
to say means right there. Don’t you think that when I’ve, whenever when I was done, like leaving my Caribbean trip, I arrived back in Europe. I’m like, what, that’s how people learn? Well, you learning like the way it was putting along face. But then of course, you don’t want to learn because you’re a kid or anything you want to you only want something that is fresh and wild. And you know, and fun. So I think I think the whole entertainment thing is awesome. But should we bring a layer of education as well? I think that that is paramount, especially that we don’t want to dumb down, you know, the youth, right? We don’t want you know, to have a Tiktok generation. Okay, as much as don’t want to have a quote my generation who like to have a fortnight generation.

Chris Bruno 27:52
Here’s a question for you, though, right? Instead of giving them educational experiences, what we have just done is given kids the tools to have to go figure out how to programme in Unreal Engine, which is one of the biggest gaming engines in the world, it’s going to get them involved in something that first and foremost, let’s be honest, in schools, we do not focus enough around technology. Full stop, we do not considering where the world is today. I mean, when I went to school, the job I now do, and the agency I started years later didn’t even exist, but the gap, imagined the gap. Yeah, but now imagine the gap of like being a child today in school. Realising the chat GPT has come out and chat GPT for is like in the 99th percentile for the passing the bar exam. Like this is no longer science fiction or anything. It’s just happening. Like it could go out there and it could pass the bar exam. So you’re all of a sudden looking at this going, okay, cool, like, Well, where does this lead to? What happens next, and I had this conversation on another podcast very recently, AI was supposed to come after collar white collar, sorry, blue collar jobs like the factory workers, the people like that the delivery drivers, we thought those guys were the ones that were gonna get screwed the first by AI and it hasn’t happened. Tesla struggled to get AI to build cars. It turns out, they’re not careful enough. They can’t quite make sure that it’s okay. They think it’s fitted, but actually it hasn’t. So all of these things play a part. And then actually the real people they’re going to get hit first are marketers, storytellers, videographers, photographers, artists. This is huge, right? And then you can start going to the point of saying, Well, is there a chance that a computer system like a chat GBD could learn and be a better lawyer? Could it become a better accountant? Of course it could, in theory, so all of these things are now like, so what do you want your kid to learn to do next? Well, realistically, you want them to learn to code to learn how to use the platforms that are online.

Alexis 29:53
Yeah, I agree that grid, but I guess what I would like to see you asking my opinion about what to think about this. for nothing, I’m all for it. I think it’s awesome. I like to see a fortnight Academy I didn’t I don’t know if they’ve done it or if someone is on the cusp of doing it. But we definitely need to wire our our youth into okay, you can go play, you can go have fun you can go interact. Don’t forget to learn something or to write so. So I think that will be I don’t know if that’s their the purpose, but I think we should always you know push forward like let’s make sure that education eighths is always put as well on the on the forefront and not backburner. Because I can tell you, we’re gonna have like a generation that’s all of a sudden, like, yeah, not interested about doing that no interest at all. That really got me dressed it. It’s about being a busybody on the metaverse and,

Unknown Speaker 30:46
and have fun. Yeah, but

Chris Bruno 30:49
yeah, I agree. When I sent Alexis, I’ve really enjoyed this first episode. I can’t wait for us to keep going. I know we’ve got already some plans in the works for the next episodes, but we’re going to try and get this out every week. So for everybody listening, you can find this on your favourite podcasting app. But you’ll also be able to find our episodes on YouTube where you can find the videos and see us in real life. Not in the metaverse yet, but we’ll try and get there eventually.

Alexis 31:15
To try to sell merch right away. I mean, like buy his blue black T shirt. Like go the link below

Chris Bruno 31:26
below to a generic black T shirt.

Alexis 31:29
Without forgetting anything, go up and buy the merch.

Chris Bruno 31:35
It’s also available as a digital collectible. Thanks for listening below. Alexis, thank you so much for your time today. I really enjoyed it again, and hopefully can’t wait to get next week’s episode recorded and out as well. For real.

Alexis 31:49
Okay, guys, bye. Thank you very much.

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